The Idea 

When it has to do with the traditional conventions, we change the game. No close rooms, no schedules, no waking up early in the morning. Every year, Open Harvest explores how great minds can work together in a think tank environment that is out of the ordinary. 

The Place

For full efficacy this year, Open Harvest should be outdoors. We aimed to choose a location that would allow attendees to leave their everyday environments, start connecting, thinking and listening again. The extraordinary beauty of Chania made the 2018 Open Harvest dream come true. 

The Theme 

"Data Storytelling" was the task and mission for the 2018 Open Harvest. Here, we were focused on the ability to create compelling stories that can communicate data to everyone. We concentrated on the "great big frontier of data stories" and how to engagingly deliver our values, our goals and vision of the world. 



Open Harvest is the annual, invitation-only experience conference by Agroknow. A unique, non-conventional meeting experience where we develop a shared vision and evolve the way that data is changing the agricultural and food sector.


Based on different thematic every year, Open Harvest brings together researchers, data analysts, entrepreneurs and visionaries to explore, discuss and envision the future of agriculture

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